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Bluetech. Great psy-dub.

video 25 Mar

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All the beauty…all that has been cared for by mother earth for milleniums…is day by day destroyed by evil mankind who uses it as a self-service supermarket….in the end evil mankind shall die out and nature will grow back…and rule eternally.

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richard shilling makes art using only that which he finds in nature - broken twigs, fallen leaves, mud, torn bark - and returns in creations he ‘leaves’ for others to find.


video 11 Nov

Meme Dreams - a man digitally recreates his dreams each morning.

link 10 Nov Device aims to recover lost EM frequencies»

When using WiFi you’re constantly adding power to radio waves being transmitted from your router - all of these waves that are unused, that is, not picked up by a receiving device, are wasting that energy. These devices act like a trap or a filter and harness this lost energy.

link 9 Nov Biohacker Implants Smartphone-Sized Sensor Into His Arm»
link 9 Nov Planetary Dances»

The geometry of planetary orbids, plotted and visualised

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